Successful start of 2019

Plastik Gogic
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Behind the company Plastik Gogic is a year that was extremely successful. We have recorded sales in the foreign market, whereby exports accounted for over 75% of revenues, as a result of the expansion of factory capacities, but also the introduction of a new product range (containers 1100l flat and round lid, 770l, 660l).

In 2018. we had shipments in more than 50 countries + domestic market. Thanks to the quality and reliability, we have also gained new markets such as: Estonia, Kuwait, Chile, Peru, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Belarus, India, Portugal, Uruguay, Ecuador ..

We have achieved growth in sales of all our products, and this growth of results is the joint work, knowledge, expertise and experience of employees, which is the biggest achievement of our company.

We entered the year that is the year of the jubilee for the company Plastik Gogic. Our company celebrates this year 45 years of work with more than 140 employees. With our survival in such a dynamic market, we have proven that quality and continuous work is always paid off. This 2019 year has been successfully launched for our company, which has led to the full utilization of production capacities, so we can tell that our expectations  are justified for further growth, on which we are constantly working.

Successful cooperation with companies around the world continues. Big projects have already been agreed in the upcoming period and are directed both to the existing and the new markets.

Plans for the next few years are to better consolidate our position on the world market as well as to expand our range of products and production capacities. During 2019, we expect expansion to another 5000m2 of closed space and 20000m2 of open space, which means that by the end of May we will have a total of 12000m2 of closed space on a plot of 55000m2.

For 50th birthday we want to be much more successful, stronger, bigger.