Plastic bins solutions

posudezaodlaganjeotpada2Plastic waste bins and containers

Waste bins with wheels,  litter bins without wheels and waste containers with 4 wheels at highly competitive price.

MNG Plastik Gogic is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic mobile garbage bins (MGB), plastic dust bins and wheeled bins in South East Europe. Our wheelie bins, such as waste bin 120 l, waste bin 140 l, waste bin 240 l, pole bin 50 l, plastic waste container 660 l, plastic waste container 770 l, plastic waste container 1100 l flat lid, plastic waste container 1100 l round lid or other, are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) in injection moulding process in accordance with EN 840 and are convenient for waste collection, waste disposal and waste recycling of various materials: mixed general waste, paper, glass, metal, PET, organic waste etc. more…