Deliveries go on in Croatia

Plastik Gogic
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Having won in public procurement for European project “The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund– Plastic Containers For Waste Sorting”, Plastik Gogic started in the beginning of 2020. with several full truck daily loadings of containers 770 lt and 1100 lt round lid to 222 municipalities all across Croatia.

After short break caused by Covid 19 unexpected circumstances, it remained to hand over only 15.000 units to the city of Zagreb, out of total 35.059 pcs for entire country.

The project goal is to initiate waste sorting in households in order to reduce the quantity of residual waste, thus increasing the ratio of recyclable material available. Different colors with appropriate marking on containers bodies have been prepared for each type of waste, which facilitate the usage by residents.


Plastik Gogic is proud that the dynamics of production and expedition followed our plan and went in accordance with expectations from the end users in the field.

We now continue with deliveries and assembling on site with aim to complete the shipments at short notice, in that way making Croatian streets cleaner.