State of the art multifunctional flooring, with its manifold advantages over current solutions on the market, especially in terms of safety, performance, comfort and durability. Such kind of surface covering in sport facilities is popular around the world, particularly in the Western Europe and the USA.




Quick and easy installation (400 m2 per day)
Usage immediately after setting
Excellent mechanical properties: optimal hardness, elasticity and reflectivity
Protects legs and ankles of athletes due to high elasticity
Reduces the possibility of sport injuries
Can be set to any firm base (concrete, asphalt, parquet)
Resistance to water, gasoline, oil, greasiness and detergents
Constructed against excessive slipping, even in rain conditions
Possibility of quick dismantling and relocation to another place

Long life expectancy.

Wide range of colors.


Dimensions: 16 x 300 x 300 mm
Material: Polypropylene copolymer UV stabilized
Design: honey- comb structure

Colors on request

Assembling of multifunctional flooring is simple and made in only 6 steps.