Plastik Gogic Cares About Employees Along With New Investments – Company Whose Central Value are People

Plastik Gogic
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The company Plastik Gogic has been successfully operating as a leading producer of plastic objects for 46 years, and they are present in over 50 world markets on 6 continents. The acknowledgment of quality also comes from the Municipality of Indjija, where the factory is located. At the event organized on the occasion of the Indjija Liberation Day, they were handed the “October Award” for their remarkable results and the highest achievements in economic and social life. They point out that people are the central value of their company.

We talked to commercial director Zarko Bogovac about the investments, plans and the relations with the employees.

– As a socially responsible company with the seat in Indjija, it is quite normal for us to be involved in numerous local campaigns and events. We employ people from our neighborhood, many families base their existence on working for us and we are very proud to see that the local community recognizes and values that approach. These awards only make us more determined to be even more successful.

eKapija: In 2019, in addition to new business premises and procurement of new machines and tools, you invested in the rooms which improve the quality and conditions of the employees’ work and stay. In what ways does your company strive to take care of its employees?

– Last year, we implemented several important new features. I would first of all like to highlight an interesting piece of info that, since March 2019, women are becoming active in production processes, whereby we are keeping up with the global trends in our field. Our new female colleagues adapted quickly and started making great results, with a high efficiency rate and an enviable level of dedication to the tasks. We are proud to point out that, of the total of 160 employees, there are currently around 40 women, in production and administration.

Preparing for the new challenges which we are facing, including further investments in the equipment and production capacities, we haven’t forgotten our most important resource – the employees. We gladly emphasize that people are the central value of our company and that we are planning our activities accordingly.

eKapija: You have said that “people are the central value of your company” and that the development strategy envisages many new features. What kind of new features are they?

– Among the range of new features that were implemented, we should note that we now have two new production halls, that the head office building has been expanded, that a new warehouse and a new show room have opened and that the number and the surface of the offices have increased. All the new rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art furniture, they provide operating functionality and full comfort to their users. Simply said, we took the workers’ satisfaction into consideration as well, creating better conditions for their work and stay.

eKapija: In November 2019, a new cafeteria opened. What kinds of advantages does it offer (for example, a special diet)?

– The realization of the project itself began in early 2019, whereas, in November, the cafeteria opened. Over EUR 50,000 was invested in the procurement of modern equipment for preparation and serving of food, suitable accommodation, audio and video installations, as well as interior design. An external professional company from the business catering business was hired, which prepares food in our location and practically runs all the activities in the kitchen on a daily level.

The workers can choose one of the five daily meals on offer through a phone app or on site, through a display, in the current week for the next week – one fruit and one vegetarian meal and three meals with meat specialties. The graphics on the app enable the visual browsing thanks to the realistic photos. We expect these features to increase the motivation of the employees and their identification with the company they work at.

eKapija: How many employees are using the new cafeteria?

– At the moment, we employ 160 workers in four groups, who work in three shifts under the following schedule: 1st shift for two days, 2nd shift for two days, 3rd shift for two days, then a two-day break, and everyone is provided with the cafeteria service. It is a serious organizational challenge in every way, but I can confirm that it all functions perfectly. We shouldn’t forget that it is necessary for all production processes to go on under defined parameters and there should be no compromises there.

eKapija: You have also mentioned that the process is automated and that it is all done through an app. Can you describe how it works?

– As I’ve noted, modern IT solutions for meal selection are implemented. Essentially, it is a fun and simple procedure where employees download the app and are then able to choose what suits them for up to a week ahead through their mobile phones. For all those who want to do so, the same process is available at the restaurant itself. Each worker has an ID card which they read out and get a slip with the name, the type of meal, the date and so on, which is then put on the serving line. Since there are over 120 various dishes, from soups and salads, savory pies served with yogurt, cooked dishes like beans, peas or stews, various fish and numerous meat specialties, it is clear that there’s something for everyone. Special care was taken when it comes to nutritional value, so as to meet various demands. Each day, along with three full meals with meat, we offer a fruit meal and a vegetarian meal.

eKapija: What are the company’s plans for the upcoming period?

– Although we’ve invested around EUR 12 million in the past seven years, we are still going at the same pace. This year, an additional investment of over EUR 500,000 in equipment, infrastructure and production processes is planned. We are working on expanding the existing range of products, which makes us one of the most successful and versatile companies in our field in Europe. Recently, we started producing a new plastic garbage can of the Urban type, of 360 liters, and a 60-liter and an 80-liter can are planned as well. The first tests and reactions of end-users were successful, so we expect these articles to quickly find their place on the streets of cities worldwide.